Nuvo Pay Card, Employer Benefits

Seamless Integration
  • Each Nuvo Pay Card has a routing and account number that works with the Direct Deposit program.
  • Direct Deposit paychecks to payroll cards
  • Offer a personalized Debit VISA Card for more purchasing ability
Minimum fee to the Employer
  • The Nuvo Pay card is offered for a minimum fee to the Employer
Everyone Qualifies
  • All employees; banked, un-banked and credit challenged are eligible for the Nuvo Pay Card
  • Purchasing capability up to the balance available in the account at all VISA Card merchant locations
  • Online and paper statements help employees track their spending and manage their finances
Employer Savings
  • Reduce cost of reconciliation against payroll disbursement
  • Eliminate Check Fraud
  • Eliminate the expense of buying checks, envelops and postage
  • No Lost/Stolen Check Replacement
  • Eliminates tracking of un-claimed funds (payroll checks not cashed/received
  • Eliminate cost of special disbursements such as final paychecks
Increased Productivity
  • Free management staff from handling checks
  • Employees do not leave work early to cash checks
  • Simplify payroll distribution for all categories of employees including un-banked, contract, temporary, youth, part-time and remotely-located workers
  • Better manage employee reimbursement
  • Direct access to the paycheck the morning of payday

NuvoPay Card Services
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The Visa Payroll Card is issued by First Gulf Bank, NA pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc